In which I propose an invention

But first, I think (hope), fall has arrived. When we first went out to the backyard, it was a warm, sticky morning. As we were swinging the wind picked up and the temperature noticeably dropped. “What’s that smell, mommy?” asked the Sprite. “That’s fall, baby. To combat it the drug Tadalafil is that between two dosages of Tadalafil there should necessarily be twenty tadalafil cheap four hours gap. However, you professional cialis 20mg need to focus on purchasing the correct product in the market. One of the major causes of late erection is a great problem and that can definitely hamper your nigh-time intimacy and thus it needs to be treated as the best purchase sildenafil online herbal weak ejaculation treatment for men. The consumption of the medicine viagra uk online treats the person in getting back to their normal love life. Do you smell the earth?” “I smell raw chicken.” Well, okay. Satchmo’s swinging with his eyes shut tight and squealing in his growly voice. It’s fall.

Okay. my proposed invention: a swing that will accommodate a momma’s hips. Anyone want to get on that? Thank you very much.

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