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We have locals election next week. On the ballot: mayor, city council and school bond. The city council election is easy, only one choice. The mayor is seems to be a race between a stereotypical politician and a cranky old man. (Kinda what we’d expect in November if Hillary manages an upset.) I guess I’ll flip a coin. (Not really, I’ll try to find something meaningful on which to base my decision.)

In addition, there is a school bond issue. I can’t find any actual analysis on the bond. The largest paper in the area reprinted the school systems press release. In consolidation with viagra 100mg no prescription sexual incitement, vardenafil helps blood stream into the penis, to give you a harder erection. For example- Kamagra is an effective medicine available in market super viagra for same use. Wonderful medicine for erectile dysfunction: Kamagra is one of the best technological innovations that scientific discipline http://greyandgrey.com/brochure/grey-grey-pi-brochure/ pill viagra has to offer. Before we proceed, could you tell which is the most commonly used drug for treating ED? http://greyandgrey.com/sherman-b-kerner/ tadalafil 20mg cipla is the most obvious answer. Literally, they reprinted the brochure from the school system on what the funds would be used for. The school system website says the student population is growing, kids in temporary classrooms, etc. etc. I have no reason to disbelieve them, but I would appreciate an outside look.

As a homeschooler, I feel a little removed from the school bond issue. Well, I’d certainly feel removed from (a little of) my money if the bond passed. Not being philosophically opposed to the existence of public schools and believing temporary classrooms are horrid (from personal experience); if there is a valid need for new buildings, I’d vote in favor of the bond. My problem is verifying the validity of the need.

In addition to a bond for more schools, there’s also an $80 million dollar bond for a “special events center.” Yeah, they’re not getting my cash for that. Well, they probably will, but I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I didn’t vote for it.

So, homeschoolers, how do you handle elections dealing with the local public schools?

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