I’m better than that

I’m thankful that I’m mature enough that when I realized that I had missed the thankful post for yesterday (at around 12:30 a.m.), I did not get up and put up a random post and set the time for Thursday, November 19.

Because I am not that obsessive. Sure, I thought, “Put up the Buffy vs. Edward video. You’re always thankful when moody boys get staked.” I also considered being thankful for chocolate, because that’s completely plausible. And yes, I thought of quickly putting something up (and altering the time) as I was running around like a mad woman trying to get out of the house for co-op (5 minutes late, not horrible, not great.) But I only thought it, I didn’t do it.

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(Yesterday, I was very thankful for my husband who cleaned the house AND folded laundry while I took the Sprite to the allergist. But that TOTALLY doesn’t count as obsessive, because it’s not a separate, time-altered blog post. So there.)

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