I’d say a nerd who is "Geek Adjacent"

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I don’t know if this quiz is easier on girls or just not very specific. And who doesn’t know that Serenity is the name of the ship on Firefly? There was a whole movie named for it! I also got geek points for taking something apart to improve it. Sure, I’ve done this a handful of times in my life. But My Techie Geek (MTG) does it all the time. For example, he recently hacked our speakers and patched the cover with a black sock. Or something like that. (Correct me if I’m wrong, honey.) And it works better. In fact, I’d say 9 out of 10 time, his hacks work better. And that tenth time is very rarely dangerous.

I probably get high marks from being in the company of a huge geek and from loving sci-fi. Ayurveda along with its two parts Yoga and Meditation can help to overcome this issue so uk generic viagra that the person can indulge in sex without fear or embarrassment. ED is not a kind of maladies, but cialis 5mg australia learningworksca.org this is a medicine that is used for curing the erectile dysfunction. This is when Sildenafil tablets were tadalafil online no prescription created for the effective treatment of ED. There are buy viagra online in lots of natural remedies, but every person is busy with their life and career. I would call my self more nerd than geek. INTJ with predominate nerd traits and underlying geek tendencies. See? I’m a nerd! What are the technical differences between nerds and geeks? Is that a nerdie or geekie question?

Update: Take the poll and let me know if you think I’m a geek or a nerd. . . or a freak. It’s completely anonymous and there is no way my hacker husband can hunt you down and erase your identity–a la Sandra Bullock in The Net— if you call me a freak. I swear.

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