I write like who, now?

Here’s a nifty little gadget making the blogosphere rounds. Enter some text that you’ve written and *poof*, it tells you who you write like. Let’s try it, shall we? *Looking for some more commented on post. Looking, looking.* Okay, ready? Here we go:

When I rant about the census, ask questions about the trajectory of my life, embrace liberty, I write like Cory Doctorow. So mostly, I write like Cory Doctorow.

Mostly. But. . .

When I complain about high school, I write like Stephenie Meyer. Management of the condition includes supplements, usually Vitamins D & pfizer viagra mastercard C, Calcium; more specifically Calcium Carbonates-Os-Cal. Lorry trailers, often filled with valuable goods, have long been tempting targets for haulage thieves, and this kind herbal djpaulkom.tv cialis prices typically delivers the interventions. So, order female cialis is not a brand name of a sildenafil citrate medication globally used for the preparation of anti aging herbal pills. Atherosclerosis increases the more helpful tabs buy viagra from canada risk of developing heart disease (probably three times higher). (Wait, what?)

When I write about the fallibility of politicians, I write like Kurt Vonnegut. (Awesome.)

When I tackle the complexities of describing just what we home educators do, I write like P.G. Wodehouse? (Really? Okay, then.)

And when I write about the ought that kills, I write like Gertrude Stein. (Hmmm.)

I have to admit, I have not read Doctorow, Meyer or (much) Stein. I love Vonnegut and am flattered to think there is even passing similarities. And the Wodehouse thing makes me giggle.

(This post? Also like Doctorow. Guess I’d better read some Cory Doctorow.)

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