I can do this?

MTG has been ill since Thursday evening, but this was a softball tourney weekend, plus the regular stuff, and we had a craft date with friends, so I did some extra hustling. And we realized after the 30-minute drive home that we forgot the fancy (and not ours) camera at the ballpark last night, so that was fun drive back while praying hard that the park gate hadn’t been locked already. It wasn’t, thank you, Jesus.

I also have two hard deadlines tomorrow and really ought to get school stuff together for tomorrow so my children can be educated. Plus I have to go over The Iliad books 13 through 16 with the girls tonight, a.k.a. two days after I was scheduled to do it. We’re already ridiculously off schedule. Then there’s the other stuff: the cleaning and organizing and making appointments and paying bills and general stuff of life that must be done.  I can do this. No problem.

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If you need me, you’ll find me  curled into a ball, weeping. At least in my head.

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