Hilarious injustice

There’s an amusing story out of Pakistan where a nine-month-old baby was charged with attempted murder. Now the baby, who can’t yet walk, is on the lam.

So funny, that a justice system could take this nonsense to the point of fingerprinting a child. Can you imagine the grief the cop who charged him is getting? “Hey, Bob. I hear it’s your nephew’s first birthday party this weekend. Need backup?” Hilarious!

Unless you think of the sort of injustice that must go on daily in that system. Think of all the people — men, women, and children — who are subject to corruption and injustice. Their property, liberty and perhaps even lives are taken from them. They don’t get anyone’s attention, much less that of the whole western world.
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Speaking of injustice, the police had the hard evidence that proved this man was innocent of the murder he was convicted of since the night he was arrested. And if that doesn’t make you spit with rage, come here so I can smack you. Are you mad now?

Injustice abounds. It’s all around us, and sometimes it even captures our attention . . . for a minute.

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