He’s not giggling

The Gigglemeister has met “No” and he does not approve.

Mommy: “No, you may not hit my computer.” Firmly, gently, remove hands.

As heard by baby: “It’s the end of the world! How dare you! Oh, the humanity!”

I swear you’d think I slammed his fingers in the laptop rather than move it out of his reach.

For the record, he has been told “no” before. He’s just now decided it’s the world’s worst insult. However, using this medication for recreational cialis uk is certainly not advisable. Other than strong feel you will feel more confident to revive their find out for info buy sildenafil sex lives. cialis generic Besides, understanding your partner’s needs and cordial communication with her should also help you a lot. What’s worse, the interaction between immune and cancer stem cells will support tumor buy viagra mastercard cell proliferation and metastasis. When Bulldozer figured out that “no” meant, well, “NO!”, he’d cry, but obey. Gigglemeister screams and tries harder. Oh, dear.

2 responses to “He’s not giggling”

  1. Dana Avatar

    My two year old looks at me with a note of concern, like I’ve somehow lost my mind.

    “Could your really be talking to me?”

    Hands go on the hips and she studies my face.

    “You no say no to me.”

    Very much in the tone of, “You did NOT just say that!”

    Utter disbelief. But she is an obedient child. But I have to try so hard not to laugh. She is quite the expressive one.

  2. April Avatar

    I have to bite my cheek to keep from smiling while doling out correction. It is serious business, keeping children on the narrow path, but they are too funny. My two-year old sighs and slumps over. My now 5 year old at 2 would go stand in the corner, arms crossed, rather than do what she was asked. Of course, if you said, “Stop doing X” and she went off to the corner, she was actually obeying. NOT what she intended at all.

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