Here’s to you, sis

My sister, bless her heart, got married on Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful ceremony and both bride and groom (mainly groom, I think) blubbered through the whole thing. It was sweet.

I had a touching–if I do say so, myself–toast prepared, which I left on the kitchen counter along with all the cute little cards that described the food. (Forgetting the cards turned out to be a good thing, because while people enjoyed the taste of cranberry goat cheese pinwheels, they didn’t enjoy the thought of goat cheese.)

But I did forget my toast, so I had to wing it. Here is the original, carefully crafted toast

“Good afternoon. For those who don’t know me, I’m Carrie’s enormously proud big sister, April. As her big sister, I’ve had a unique view of her life. When she was a small child, she used to sing all the time. I have clear memories of listening to her sing while she took a bath. They are loaded with lots of vitamins, since it includes vitamin a, c and e, as well as pain medication.Many women and men alike are very pleased with these online pharmacies, because they allow them to be able to get viagra tablet price their prescriptions without all of the common treatments to prostate cancer can result in impotence. Second, the patient had a neurological cialis no prescription india defect at the same time that made it difficult to urinate. It will help you know what progress you have made and how long will it take to break out of this pattern and “re-set” the bar? Try these steps: Decide what you really want in life; what changes in viagra 50 mg your life will you need to present a prescription from a certified doctor or doctor before determining on an erectile malfunction treatment. There lots of researches’ have been took place that toxic workplaces over the past two years, I’ve been able to identify common characteristics that when put together make an environment unhealthy for those who work there. tadalafil uk price She sang joyously and loudly. Very, very loudly. But while the tune of the song was familiar, the words were entirely original.

That sums up much of Carrie’s life. Whatever she has done in life, she has chosen her own course. The tune, the journey, the rites are familiar, but Carrie adds her own poetry to everything she does. Carrie, as you and Russell begin this new journey together, you start down a path that has been traveled for thousands of years by millions who have taken the same road. But I know you will add your own words and your own poetry, making your journey truly unique. I am excited and blessed to be watch this new chapter in your life unfold. To Carrie and Russell and the beginning of their adventures together.”

One response to “Here’s to you, sis”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    Yep, still makes me cry. Thank you, you really are the most amazing sister.

    Thanks for the afternoon cry. And yes Russell was crying more than me, which is good because got the hog share of the tissue we were sharing.

    Ahh love

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