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Help, I’m overcome with ambition!

This post is all about redecorating my kitchen. There is very little snark or informative commentary. (Don’t snark on my informative commentary.) Just so you know.

When MTG travels, I have trouble sleeping. So I ended up watching a lot of HGTV this past week. I was watching Color Correction and I realized I really don’t like the colors in my house. Well, that’s not entirely true. One of the selling points of this house was that it was already painted in colors that I like, so I wouldn’t have to do anything except paint the girls’ room. So I like the colors, but I now see that they just aren’t my style.

Our kitchen/family room is a pretty spring green. It’s cute. The window seat has a very pretty country plaid cover. Also cute. I painted my kitchen in Virginia Jalepeno Red. Less cute, more “whoa.” Anyway, watching all these shows, I realized something.

I’ve been cooking in somebody else’s kitchen!

This is the greeting MTG gets when he gets home from a week-long trip: “Hi honey, welcome home! Guess what I want to do.” I’ve always wanted a Tuscan-themed kitchen. I love wood and stone and warm colors. I’m not much for sleek or contemporary or cute. I did some googling and found a plethora of resources and ideas. And now we’re off.

I’m still pondering colors and we’ll be going to Home Depot to load up on paint chips. They have a groovy website to help you pick colors, too. I spent about an hour (or two) on it last night. Now I just need one of those color scanners they have at the store and I’ll be good to go. Our kitchen already has these great textured walls, which I just noticed does not go into the family room. Oh well. We already have pretty wood floors and cabinets, a nice tile backsplash and lovely laminate counter tops. Just kidding about that last bit. For now, the counter tops stay. If I win the lottery, we may replace them.

We have this huge rectangle table from Ikea. According to the medicinal reports, the health professionals have suggested that males with much understating cialis brand online in their relationship have high chances to recover quickly comparatively to those who have lower carnitine levels. 5. It intends to give back sex discount levitra rx life to the fullest. Obesity decreases Men’s fertility, too Although much of the time, erectile brokenness is brought about by viagra in france something physical. If buy cialis india frankkrauseautomotive.com you don’t feed the teachers, they’ll eat the students. It’s made of pine and when the Sprite was little she beat on it with her fork making a lovely little puncture design at one corner. Last summer, we painted it white to hide years of living the hard life. After another year of being the main work place for a homeschool family, it needs another face lift. We’re going to tile the top. Take that, fork! I think we’re going to put a mosaic in the center. Little Miss suggested a picture of Jesus. I told her I’d feel a little weird eating on Jesus. The girls also suggested hearts and flowers. I don’t think they get to pick it out the tile.

If the table top goes well and I get really ambitious, we may replace our island counter top with a tile top. Our stove top is there, so we’d have to do some funky maneuvering and have a bit of skill. I’m not sure about the island.

I also want to use my kitchen for a kitchen and not for an office. Right now, I’ve commandeered the wet bar for my personal office. It’s a jumble of papers and office supplies. We have a small family room off our dining area. There is a couch there, but we rarely use it. The kid’s will watch tv in there while doing crafts at the table or swirling on the stools we have for the computer table. Since we moved the computer from a tall counter to a folding table, the stools are too tall, but we use them anyway.

The couch is going away to that garage sale that I’m going to have someday real soon, if I get my act together, but maybe I’ll wait till it cools off some and I really ought to go through all our rooms and see what else we have to sell and also I should check with my sister to see if she wants any more of our baby stuff. So look for that garage sale in 2011.

For our computer/office area, I want to get a big old pie-safe/baker’s rack/kitchen dresser thing. Something like this. But from a yard sale or thrift store. Yeah, I may be thinking wishfully, but I always say, “If you’re gonna dream, dream crazy.” What do we call these things anyway?

We’ll finish off the room with a small, beat up table for the kids to do crafts. I’m tired of scrubbing marker off the kitchen table. I’ll take some before and after pictures so you can see our progress mishaps and all. Maybe by posting, I’ll keep my motivation. “I have to finish the kitchen, I told the internet and it will be so disappointed if I don’t!” Stay tuned.

4 responses to “Help, I’m overcome with ambition!”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Repainting is fun. It is a whole new look for little cost.

    Watching home improvement shows is fun. It gives you all sorts of ways to spend your money and you find “needs” you didn’t know you had. 🙂 But they did give me the courage to do some things I never would have tried in our house and they turned out nice.

    And my mom always called those sorts of things sideboards. Not sure that is exactly what you are looking for, but it is good to have a word for what you are looking for when trying to buy it.

  2. April Avatar

    Well, I don’t know if the actual painting is fun, but I love the finished product. And those home improvement shows give me way too many ideas.

    I always thought sideboards didn’t have the upper cabinets. But if they do, then yes it’s a sideboard. We actually found the bottom of what looked like a china cabinet and the top of some other kitchen dresser/sideboard that we’re painting and putting together. I think it will look interesting.

  3. Renae Avatar

    I look forward to seeing the end result.

    I think the colors in my house are fine, because I chose them all. We had to repaint everything when we bought this house. It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do! This house was or is ugly, but freshening up the walls helped tremendously.

    Maybe I should watch some home improvement shows though. I think I could use a few bright colors. I tend to stick to neutrals, because the children are loud enough.

  4. Renae Avatar

    Oh, and we like having a craft table. I found one at a yard sale for $15 and it even had four chairs. Hope you find an even better deal!

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