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Stop by and read the comments, too. As of 6:05 they were very funny and generally unprofane.

Oh yeah, I hate The Colonel.

5 responses to “Hee!”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    I’m a sexist ageist, who would have thunk.

    I’m only reading political fact check websites and avoiding all other “news” because I can’t afford to move out of the country or increase my blood pressure.

    I can’t believe we have a month and a half of this left. Sheesh

  2. April Avatar

    That’s probably a good advice. I’m probably not going to take it. But the comments at the site were hilarious and mostly non-political.

    Month and a half left . . . do you remember 2000?

  3. Carrie Avatar

    Do I, lets hope its nothing like that.
    I was just thinking about how much I got yelled at for NRLC position on Bush those last few month. I’m glad I don’t have to answer those phones any more.
    Good times

  4. April Avatar

    Where you around when I got the “death threat” from the guy opposed to NRLC’s stem cell position. It was totally bogus, but David made me call the police anyway and they were totally useless. Good times. I think I have that cop’s business card somewhere.

  5. B Avatar

    This is a little off topic, but have you went to Jib Jab this year? They have a campaign video for this election that is pretty funny.

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