Hamster wheel!

Or “No rest for the weary.”

This past week the kids and I spent at our church’s vacation bible school, which was  a lot of fun but exhausting. Today MTG got up early to mow the lawn, and I did some clean up on our poor neglected garden beds because our neighbors just put their house on the market. We don’t want to be those neighbors.

I also have a big project for my mom, and I really need to get to our homeschool planning so I can order the rest of our books in time for September. Did I mention we still have to finish history and geography? And we have a couple more trips planned this summer? Let’s not even talk about the state of the house or the neglected chores that fell to the wayside over the past few weeks of travel and VBS.

We’re busy. And I’m tired. I kinda feel like these guys:


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Can you relate?

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