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Grabbing a snake by the tail

I’m putting my toe back in the blog waters and picking up a very hot topic: CPAC, GOProud, FRC and CWA. (Or was that picking up the alphabet?) It’s a sticky wicket and I’m very likely to offend some or all who read this post. (Good thing I get almost no traffic, huh?) It’s a political issues, but I only want to touch on the politics, mainly examining the brouhaha from the point of view of an evangelical Christian.

This is the situation: CPAC is a large gathering of conservative political types.  Last year, some people (I forget who) pulled out of the convention because GOProud, a group of gay Republicans, was invited to attend.  Tempest in a tea pot. This year, Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America–two larger and more influential conservative Christian groups–pulled out for the same reason. Tempest in a tea kettle.  See the difference?  Yeah, nobody cares outside the very small bubble of political freaks (myself included), but it’s a deal for them.

Fact: I am a evangelical Christian and I believe the bible when it says homosexuality is a sin.  Also sins: lying, pride, fornication, adultery, greed, drunkenness, unrighteous anger, etc. (I’m just trying to think of those most likely to be represented among a group of politicians and political types.  Not trying to be mean, but I lived and worked in DC for years. Sin is, uh, abundantly evident.)

This is the thing: CPAC, heck any gathering of political types, is not a church service. (One might even say it is a field white unto harvest.) It’s a marketplace of ideas, specifically political ideas.  There’s all sorts of overlapping interests and alliances and chances to debate, to confront, or to persuade. Synovitis relapse frequently and it can lead to damage of cartilages and bones in joints, dysfunction of joints generic viagra online and muscles. In addition to the capsules, Mast Mood oil in the genital areas for 3 to 4 months. 8 to 10 drops of the cialis without rx oil brings the best results. Reasons for immobile joints and weak bones include excessive acid level in blood, poor circulatory system, poor diet, dysfunctional liver and kidney, lack of vitamins and minerals, higher toxicity level in lowest price on viagra our body and poor digestion. In order to experience these delivery benefits of Kamagra gels, you must get it from a reputable site to assure genuineness of the product. sildenafil österreich Does FRC or CWA really think that by not attending CPAC they wield more influence in that marketplace? No one is talking about the beliefs behind their decision to forgo the conference. No one is discussing the issues they presumably want discussed.  The only discussion is are they fools who don’t want gay cooties or are they jerks who don’t want gay cooties.

So how is a Christian to interact with homosexuals?  I think we interact with homosexuals just like we do with any other sinner, (you know: people.) I get that it truly ticks homosexuals off to say that homosexuality is sin.  I feel bad that they feel bad, but I can’t not say what I believe to be true. (Little to “true” not “Truth.” That is, “homosexuality is sin” is NOT the gospel.)  Listen, if you tell a prideful person that he is sinning, or a vain woman that she is sinning, or a person committing whatever sin that he is sinning, well, it doesn’t go over well.  But frankly, the telling of the good news isn’t just to say “Jesus saves!” but  “Jesus saves sinners from just judgment of their sins.”   The how, the when, and the in-what-manner we do that is the question.

Do we run up to everyone leaving a plastic surgeons office saying, “Vanity is sin!”  What about the people biting their nails off with worry? Do we wave signs saying, “Phillippians 4:6, Sinner!” (Try it and I will hit you.)  Why is it okay to do that with homosexuality? Shouldn’t there be evidence of love and even friendship before we start pointing out logs and motes?  Shouldn’t our emphasis be Jesus and what he has done for us (for me, the chief of sinners) about all else?

I don’t get any of that from the actions of FRC and CWA.  I get the whole “gay cootie” thing, but that’s about it.  And maybe that’s the problem with “Christian organizations.” God didn’t save an organization, he saves individuals whom He knits into His body, the church.  I would hope that our concern for individuals and desire to see them knit into Christ’s body–whatever their sins–would outweigh the PR concerns of a political organization. 

So that’s my two cents on the issue. Have at me in the comments. (But my mom reads my blog, so watch your language.)

My friend Jimmie Bise of the Sundries Shack and the podcast The Delivery did a most excellent rant on the situation from the political angle that I pretty much agree with.  It’s an hour, but if you’re interested in the situation, it’s worth the time. (Actually, it’s half an hour.  Then he gives some good social media tips & taunts me with his Kindle.  I’m fairly certain that Kindle part was just to make me frothy with a jealous rage.  Jealousy, btw, is a sin. As is tempting someone to covet. Sinners, the both of us.)

5 responses to “Grabbing a snake by the tail”

  1. Man of the West Avatar
    Man of the West

    I think you've just about got it!

  2. Marbel Avatar

    The people running those organizations are foolish. Cooties, indeed. They are part of the reason so many people think Christians are hateful, ignorant goofballs.

  3. April Avatar

    Thanks, guys!

  4. Mommentator Teichman Avatar
    Mommentator Teichman

    The issue is just as you assign it. Indeed they can't see through their personal issues to realize that this gathering is a neighborhood of ideas, many of which you may not align. However, in the midst there is hope for our collective bargaining power… I choose not to dash it all in my own self-deemed pontification. Bottom line: people need to stand up for their faith but realize that not every situation asks for them be the final adjudicator.

  5. April Avatar

    I think for a self-proclaimed Christian organization, it's a different issue altogether: how do you deal w/ unbelievers in the workplace? People who work in secular organizations have already figured this out (for the most part.) To me, this is the same thing as refusing to work w/ a gay person on a project at work. Nobody does that or would expect to get away w/ it. I think that's why nobody supports FRC & CWA. It appears childish, selfish & frankly unChristian.

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