Got my listening ears on

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Didn’t you hate it when teachers said that to you as a kid? “Put your listening ears on!” What else would I have on, my walking ears? We say weird things to kids.

But I have been listening a lot. We listen to audio books while driving. Since we do a lot of driving, we do a lot of listening. I also like to listen while I’m shopping or cleaning. But lately, I’ve also been listening to a lot of podcasts.  In addition to when I’m doing my solo activities, I like to listen to podcasts while exercising in the morning. Since my kids are up then, they need to be appropriate for them as well.

We like Radio Lab, which is always interesting and almost always kid friendly.  When it’s not, they usually warn you. I really appreciate that. My boys were really enthralled by the episode Super Cool, and particularly the experiment. Although my youngest son was skeptical of the premise from the get-go. He is a (wonderfully) skeptical kid; it’s hard to pull the wool over his eye.

My favoritest podcast was The Delivery, but my friend and podcast host Jimmie Bise decided to stop producing it, which gave me a sad. It was a great show that was half politics, half pop-culture, always family friendly, and had cats and sock-puppets. What’s not to love? But alas, it is no more. However, Jimmie is back with a wonderful new show called Strange Worlds Travelogue.


He and co-host Tania Gail talk about “speculative fiction”: mostly cover sci-fi, but they also touch on other genres like fantasy. I love the show because you don’t have to be sci-fi expert to be able to follow along. They are goofy and interesting, which is a delightful combination. In the latest show, they talked about what would happen if we had ST:TNG level tech in our culture. Holodecks and replicators would pretty much ensure that cultural growth would grind to a halt. Only their telling was more interesting and fun.
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I’ve been looking for a replacement for the Delivery, and I like the Ace of Spades HQ podcast but it’s definitely NOT family friendly. I was thinking of having Little Miss listen to the latest podcast despite the F-bombs Ace dropped, but really I’d like to have something I can listen to and not care who wonders in the room. Although I really enjoy their show and will continue to listen as I can with headphones. I just don’t have unlimited time to do that, and I’m still trying to get through the history of the whole world.

So I’m still looking to fill in that blank of current events/news of the day, but not more than a weekly show because I’m a busy person, dangit! (Diagram THAT sentence, I dare you.)

I recently found the Read-Aloud Revival podcast thanks to a homeschooling friend on Twitter. Although it’s hosted by a homeschool mom and definitely has a tilt that direction, I’d recommend to all parents who want to build a family culture that embraces books. There are only three shows so far, but I’ve enjoyed every one and learned from them all.

I like to listen to This American Life when I can, but it is often not fit for my youngest (though usually fine for older kids), so that also limit when I can listen. Also, they only have the latest show on Stitcher, so if you miss a week, you’re out of luck.

I came across a great interview on the Comics Alternative podcast with Nathan Hale of Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales. I’m not a comics book person (nothing against comics book people, I’m just not one), but I found the interview fun and interesting. I imagine if you actually know anything about comics, you’d probably have enjoyed it even more than I did. I have to hide the latest Hazardous Tale: Treaties, Trenches, Mud and Blood because we’re still a couple of weeks away from WWI in history. Incidentally, I highly recommend these books for anyone — regardless of age or whether or not you’re a comic book person. If you’re an adult who feels awkward reading a kids book, just tell yourself you’re previewing it for a child in your life.

That’s what I’m listening to lately. What are your favorite podcasts?

4 responses to “Got my listening ears on”

  1. Tania Gail Avatar

    Thanks for your review of Strangworlds Travelogue:) I’m glad you are enjoying the show.

    1. April Avatar

      Thank YOU for alerting the world to the scourge of murder-bears.

  2. Derek Avatar

    Much thanks for mentioning our interview with Nathan Hale!

    1. April Avatar

      I really enjoyed your show. I may have to check out more episodes. Even if I’m not a comics book person, I do like smart, fun podcasts.

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