Goodbye, Genie

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Like most Americans, I was heartbroken to hear Robin Williams died. I grew up on Mork and Mindy, and it still makes me laugh. He’s known for making us laugh, but a great deal of his work had a tinge of heartbreak in it, and often much more than a tinge. But even those performances that made you cry — Patch Adams or Dead Poets Society — also made you laugh.

There are those who think there is undue attention being paid to one man, especially when there are so many hurting and being killed throughout the world. I don’t think honoring and grieving this loss negates other losses. And Robin Williams gave us so much of himself in his performance that we feel like we knew him. This feels personal. It doesn’t mean other lives have less value because I feel this loss more.
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The other part of the outcry I think is that the world has lost an amazing person because depression is a lying jerk. So let me get preachy for just a minute because I love you. Well, I like you a whole lot. Mental illness is a disease just like any other disease. If you have the flu or cancer or whatever, you get medical help. Please, if your heart or mind is sick or hurting, help is available. It’s not shameful to get treatment for cancer and it’s not shameful to get treatment for a mental illness. Please call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit their website. Or call your doctor or a friend or someone. It’s okay to be not okay, and it’s okay to need help.

End of mini-sermon.

Mediate has a good collection of the “best of Robin Williams.” What’s your favorite?

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  1. Jacki Ragan Avatar
    Jacki Ragan

    very well said.

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