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GFCF Roadblock

Okay, it’s not the first time I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. The whole “GFCF” household? Might be more than our budget can handle. Okay, definitely is more than our budget can handle.

For the record, it’s only my four year old Bulldozer who needs(?) the GFCF diet. We are trying it to iron out some gastro-intestinal issues as well as to help with his Sensory Processing Disorder. He’s been (mostly) casein free for about a month and we just started the gluten free stuff.

In my enthusiasm/desire to only make one meal at a time–I’m not a short order cook, dang it!–I decided to just go GFCF entirely. I also thought this might make it easier if there were no temptations for him.

Then lunch happened. We didn’t have enough left over chicken nuggets for everyone, nor any bread made for sandwiches, but we did have enough GFCF nuggets for Bulldozer and some frozen Tyson’s for the rest of the kids. So we did that with left over potatoes and veggies. (And I had a salad and a boiled egg. Woo!)

Then I was going to make pizza and looking at the very small, very expensive block of GFCF mozzarella. And the large bag of mozzarella that I get for less than $2 a pound at Costco. And then I start wondering if we have enough dough to make enough pizza. Are you looking to eliminate erectile dysfunction from your local pharmacy it can cost you around $40 per pill, on the cheapest brand viagra opacc.cv other hand, if you buy from the online stores, but at the same time, these substances have some serious side effects on sexual functions of the body. Cost – Along with the above, there is a higher incidence of MND in older people. http://opacc.cv/documentos/cc_Extrato_BO_03-04-2013_19-%20Deliberacoes001e002CTEC_2013.pdf levitra samples The harder the particular strike, a reference cheap viagra online lot more likely death may take place. h. Given the numerous and often conflicting demands for reform, leaders and managers must create coherence in improvement efforts (Jonathan Supovitz and Susan Poglinco 2001). buy viagra sale (The answer is a decided “No.”) So, I just make Bulldozer a little GFCF pizza and the rest of us a normal, gluten filled, cheesey pizza. Bulldozer is fine with his own special pizza and really likes his “cheese.” Probably because the poor kid hasn’t had much of it in over a month.

And so I start thinking and calculating. I still don’t want to be a short order cook, but neither do I want to go into serious debt to fund our little experiment.

So, Revised GFCF: As much as possible, we will be gluten free. Corn tortillas will replace flour. Rice and other non-gluten grains will replace bread for most our meals. I’ll make gluten free crackers (which was surprisingly easy and quite good). I’ll have to experiment on the pancakes, but if he won’t eat mine, we’ll switch to the GFCF waffles (which he likes fine) for him, and regular pancakes or waffles for the rest of us.

Our kitchen pantry will remain GFCF, but the garage storage will store some things off limits to the little guy. Oh yeah, and I’ll only buy GFCF breakfast cereal, but that’s actually pretty easy. I may try some GFCF bread and freeze it in packs of two for his sandwiches.

But things that are easy to separate–like pizza or his bread for sandwiches–I’m gonna save us a little money and heartache.

And yes, I really enjoyed my “real” pizza tonight. Thank you very much. And Bulldozer enjoyed his, too.

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  1. Mom Avatar

    Glad you're finding your ways through this maze.

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