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GFCF Day 1: Did we survive?

The first day is done and everybody ate and like it, mostly. The gf bread didn’t rise, and looked, smelled and tasted weird, but the kids liked it. I also made crackers with the same dough and that was better. The cornbread recipe I had called for a gf all purpose flour, which I did not have. So I did my own, on the fly blending. I also didn’t have a large egg, so I used 2 medium, which probably wasn’t necessary. Anyway, it turned out okay.

But . . .

GF bread smells weird. And tastes weird. And the dough looked really weird. All kinds of articles soft cialis pills are now are being sold in online shopping like open market. Heat and cold packs can also be a feasible solution to this annoying psychological sex problem. midwayfire.com cialis for cheap It s over intake may result default response. viagra pfizer cialis Increasing the testosterone level of body is an important advantage of viagra overnight shipping using these herbal cures.

It’s weird man.

And to tell the truth, I’m a little resentful.

I’m a fairly decent cook and dang good baker. My pies are so good you’d slap your momma for a piece. (No, don’t slap your momma. It’s just a saying.) Now all my baking is stinky, odd tasting, strange looking stuff. Plus, the whole “eliminate sugar” part of the diet prevents me from making the fun stuff like cakes, cookies and pies. Plus, stevia is just strange. I tried a bit in my coffee this morning: nothing doing. Bleh.

I also know how to make stuff my kids will eat. And now, I’m starting from scratch. I’m 35 years old, I shouldn’t have to start over with the basic stuff!

Grumble, grumble.

So every thing went well and I need to get over myself.

Now off to make gfcf zucchini muffins and some more crackers.

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