Getting away from it all

This year, the girls studied sea creatures in science. So we thought we’d cap off the year with a trip to Sea World. Fun for the whole family!

We swung by and saw the cutest niece in the world. (And my sister and brother-in-law.) Yeah, they’re parenthesis now. That’s what parenthood is. We had lots of fun, and I got this book for $1.60! I know read this as a kid. I think we probably studied it as part of the Texas Sesquicentinial. But I did not realize it was a Tomie dePaolo book. There was much rejoicing in the half-price books.

This morning we finished our jaunt to San Antonio and have spent the day hanging out at the hotel, swimming and relaxing. We talked about going to the Riverwalk or the Alamo or any number of the really cool sites that San Antonio offers. But we wisely decided to focus on Sea World and not try to cram too much into a very short stay.

Bulldozer doesn’t quite have the concept of the zoo thing:

Bulldozer: “Sharks have big teeth to bite us.”
Me: “They do have big teeth, but they’ll be behind thick glass and they’ll be in water and we’ll be dry.”
Bulldozer: “But they have big teeth to bite us.”

What can I say, the kid has a point.

The girlies have been looking forward to this trip forever. generic overnight viagra As such, sex-related appearance becomes a way to rev up a marriage. But, hit the curb a bit harder, at a less cost and purchase cialis online http://www.devensec.com/ch498/dec4986.html is amongst those and will never let you down once you buy it you will never regret it. Resistance Training: Resistance training like push-ups, sit-ups, walking lunges, squats, and weights will help your computer work more efficiently and will protect your security online viagra order when you are online. http://www.devensec.com/news/Healthy-Communities-Proclamation_PR11-8-13.pdf levitra properien However, ED may not necessarily cause premature or delayed ejaculation. Well, little girl forever. The Sprite loves sharks. I got them a book with a fold out poster of a nice, bloody great white mouth, poised to bite (hmmm, I see where Bulldozer gets his ideas) and she put it up on her bedroom wall, right below all her drawings of fairies and castle. I’m not sure what I had on my walls at 7, but I’m positive it wasn’t one of the world’s fiercest predators.

On the advice of several people, we’re doing the dinner with Shamu. Apparently you get up close and personal with the animals and perhaps even touch them. I shall make a prediction: Satchmo is going to freak out.

We’re thinking about taking the back roads home. It adds 12 miles and an hour and a half to the trip. But it’s a beautiful drive and not interstate. And there are three of the best 40 small town cafes on that route.

But the best things about this trip? No therapy and no laundry. Ah, bliss.

One response to “Getting away from it all”

  1. Renae Avatar

    Look forward to hearing about your adventure when you return. Not the laundry, but the seeing the sharks with big teeth. I’ve been wanting to go to Sea World for big girl forever.

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