Foolin’ around

We really don’t do April Fool’s Day in our family. Talking with my oldest daughter about it, we decided it was because it really doesn’t mesh with our family culture. Most April Fool’s jokes tend to be mean pranks that involve laughing at someone more than laughing with them. That’s just really not our style.

That being said, there are a few great jokes this year.

A couple years ago, Dwane Thomas of Visual Latin had a Visual Klingon video for April Fool’s. Today, he offers futurity, the history of the future!

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Audible offers a fee excerpt of your favorite narrators reading the Encyclopedia Britannica and Netflix has all things John Stamos. Weirdos. Google’s joke may have backfired, or it may be all part of the prank. Who knows? All I know is minions are totally overdone. Stop it already!

Do you go all in or abstain? What’s the best/worst prank that you’ve ever played or has been played on you?

Anyway, here’s hoping your April Fool’s Day is as fun-filled or mundane as you wish.

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