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1. Daring without judgment; madly rash and adventurous; foolishly bold. 1928 edition of Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language

2. see also Christopher Hitchens.

So Christopher Hitchens decided to improve a swastika in Lebanon and got attacked for his troubles. It’s one of those “Good for you, you fool!” moments. I’m glad he didn’t get seriously hurt (he did get hurt), and I always approve of sticking it to thugs. But yikes! Not so smart, smart guy.

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“Once you credit them like that,” he said, “you do all their work for them. They should have been worried about us. Let them worry. Let them wonder if we’re carrying a tool or if we have a crew. I’d like to go back, do it properly, deface the thing with red paint so there’s no swastika visible. You can’t have the main street, a shopping and commercial street, in a civilized city patrolled by intimidators who work for a Nazi organization. It is not humanly possible to live like that. One must not do that. There may be more important problems in Lebanon, but if people on Hamra don’t dare criticize the SSNP, well f***. That’s occupation.”

What he really needed was a surplus police car. (Hey mom, there’s foul language in the clip, just so you know.)

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