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(Note: this was written at around 3 this afternoon. I’m just now getting around to posting it five hours later. Fizzled indeed.)

2 responses to “Fizzled”

  1. sunniemom Avatar

    Peanut butter. Whenever I start feeling like someone has let all the air out of my tires, I eat peanut butter. It solves all of life’s problems, which is why kids are so happy and full of energy! :p

    Seriously, I get the ‘mid-afternoon moofties'(our made-up family word for it) and I have to eat some protein and take either a walk or a nap to get myself together. If I don’t, I am a human puddle.

  2. April Avatar

    My 2nd daughter tends to low sugar and becomes a beast if we don’t watch it. Peanut butter seems to be the perfect trick to keeping her sugar balanced. I serve it on spoons! 😉

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