Fine Arts Friday: Wrapping up the Hudson River School

We finish up studying the Hudson River School with two works by different painters. From the Ambleside schedule, we’re looking at Jasper Francis Cropsey. I also chose a painting by Robert Duncanson. We didn’t study Thomas Cole, the founder and most famous of the Hudson River painters because we’ve studied his work previously.

Jasper Francis Cropsey was a first generation member of the school. He’s noted for his brilliant colors and his autumnal landscapes. Like this one titled “Autumn — on the Hudson River.” That’s what I like about landscape painters: they don’t try to get cute with their painting names. The creativity and beauty are in the painting itself.

On_the_Hudson_River-1860-Jasper_Francis_Cropsey small

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Woodland_Stream,_an_Idyll_by_Robert_S._Duncanson small

The Hudson River School painters fell out of favor by the end of the 19th century; apparently people got too good for landscapes. And romanticism? Ha! Fortunately, these talented artists have begun to be noticed again. But while Thomas Cole and a few others have achieved some fame, there are many other wonderful American artists like these two that remain in obscurity, which is really a pity.  You should do yourself a favor and browse through the list of Hudson River School Artists. We really do have a rich artistic heritage.

Who’s your favorite American artist?

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