Fine Arts Friday: New York Nature Edition

Enjoying nature isn’t just an educational exercise we do with our kids. Sometimes, mom runs away with a friend and enjoys nature Upstate New York style.

We started in the Finger Lakes region, staying at an inn attached to a winery. This is what we call “roughing it.”


Then we went to Watkins Glen State Park and hiked up the gorge.

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And we finished off our whirlwind tour with the piece de resistance, Niagara Falls.

I do love nature.

3 responses to “Fine Arts Friday: New York Nature Edition”

  1. carrie Avatar

    Beautiful! Glad you are having fun!

    1. April Avatar

      It’s wonderful here. Wish I could come here with all my people! You’d love it.

  2. […] Niagara Falls looked a bit different when I was there. […]

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