Fine Arts Friday: Handicrafting

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Not pictured: Satchmo, who disapproves of crafts on principle.

We’re having a craft day with friends today.  Sometimes we’ll have a theme or specific projects planned. Today, other than some yarn bookmarks, we just pulled out all our craft stuff and let the kids have at it.

Sprite is making bracelets with the Rainbow Loom.

Bulldozer is making custom silly bands with the Shapelets kit.
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Little Miss is making a yarn cross bookmark. Or maybe a cross yarn bookmark. One of those.

We don’t have a structured handicraft, but I may change. The girls are self-motivated enough to do their own thing, but the boys will need more guidance and assistance. I’m thinking of picking up something for the kids to do for Christmas gifts. Here’s a list of 101 handicraft ideas from Charlotte Mason Helps. Surely we’ll be able to find something fun there. I’d really like to learn bookbinding.

What handicrafts have you learned or would you like to learn?


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