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Fine Arts Friday: Enjoying Minnesota

*Notice: This post has nothing to do with fine arts. I guess I didn’t need to keep the “Fine Arts Friday” tag, but I am a creature of habit.

We’re visiting MTG’s family in rural Minnesota. I was really looking forward to doing some sky watching. This weekend brings us another supermoon and the Perseids meteor shower. Alas, it’s suppose to be overcast until just before we leave. Of course.

But we are enjoying the beautiful weather, despite my mother-in-laws worry that we’ll get overheated in the horrid upper 70 degree weather. I swear, if it weren’t for the hideously brutal winters, the commie politics, the freaky food, and the weird accents, I’d be tempted to move here. (Not really. I’m far too Texan for Minnesota.)

But we do love visiting, especially in summer.

Getting farming tips from Grandpa. I’m not sure they translate to Texas.


corn mn
Obligatory corn picture. The drive from Texas is very dull: corn and beans, beans and corn.

potatoes mn
The potato haul.

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frog mn.jpg
Hello, my baby. Hello, my darling. Hello, my rag time gal.

rocket launch mn
What’s more fun, building rockets or shooting them? Silly question, shooting them, obviously.


jack mn
Jack is loving it, too.


Come back next week when we may or may not be talking about fine arts. Who knows at this point.


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