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Fine Arts Friday: Edible Christmas Art!

After postponing two times (once for life kicking our butts, the second because of flu, which is basically the same thing), we finally got together with our friends for a Christmas Baking Extravaganza!

Instead of the traditional icing everywhere, frustrating the kids and the mom when Santa doesn’t look right, we opted for the much easier egg yolk painting option. It’s prettier, easier, and frankly nobody needs that much sugar.
cookies 2

I used this dough recipe, which was easy to work with and doesn’t need to be chilled. And the cookies are yummy. I also cheated and bought the pre-made cookie icing (af), because I don’t need any more hassle than I already have.

Pictures by my fabulous friend Alisha because my camera was busy playing Christmas music. The bottom cookies are her works of art. I love the eyeball she made with the left-over dough. Christmas eyeballs should totally be a thing.

cookies 1

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cookies 3

We also made these pretzel/hug/m&m things that are so dang good and so dang easy. I don’t know whether to hug Alisha for introducing us to them or kick her because they’re addictive. I’ll probably go with a hug in the spirit of Christmas.

Finally, I made some pralines. I also discovered that it’s better if I pour it all out onto well-buttered parchment and break it when it’s cool rather than trying to make individual pralines. I can’t move fast enough, and the last pralines look like some sort of sad, crystallized rocks. But they’re yummy!

The nice thing about edible art is that you don’t have to worry about how to display it. Create, admire, consume! That’s my kind of art.

Merry creating!

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