Fine Arts Friday: Christmas!

*Yes, I know this is Saturday. But instead of being a good blogger and finishing and scheduling my post on Thursday night, I left it to finish Friday morning. Then the ice storm hit and we had no internet. I couldn’t finish or post it yesterday, so you get it today.

Christmas is one of the easiest times of the year to enjoy fine arts. From music to art to handicrafts, we are surrounded by beautiful art. And people who would normally avoid fine art performances like the plague will even go to the ballet. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Adoration of the Shepherds by Charles Le Brun

Speaking of ballet, if you can’t actually attend a performance, Netflix has this version of The Nutcracker streaming until the beginning of the year. Maurice Sendak designed the costumes! Amazon has two version you can rent: One with the San Francisco Ballet (af) and one with the Royal Ballet (af).
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There are also beautiful choral performances, with some of the most inspiring and uplifting music written. This is an Advent Carol Service at Trinity College Chapel. (The performance starts about 3 minutes in.)

And of course, the birth of Christ, the coming of the Wise Men, the Baptism of Christ, etc. have all been subjects of painting, carvings, and mosaic. And probably other mediums that aren’t coming to me. And all this art and creativity appears on Christmas cards and in displays in stores and public forums.  We are in the midst of a feast of fine arts. Take the time between shopping, wrapping, and stuffing yourself with cookies (mmmm, cookies) to enjoy this beauty.

Merry Christmas!

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