Feelings, nothing more than feelings

I have no opinion in the issues between Greenspan and Bush (I know, shocking!), but this comment from Bush’s press conference caught my attention:

QUESTION: . . . “First, do you feel betrayed by some of these people who have served you and then have come out and criticized you? And then, more particularly, can you respond to Greenspan’s criticism?”

THE PRESIDENT: My feelings are not hurt.

I’m glad his feelings weren’t hurt. I guess. But, more importantly, I don’t really care about his feelings. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a right to have normal, human emotions. Later, you initiate with vardenafil without cheap viagra prescription with 100mg. A healthy lifestyle will definitely keep the problem secret from partners. online generic cialis As a result this results to relaxed and dilated blood pastilla levitra 10mg vessels to increase blood storage near the genitals so that the organ may fill with blood. A doctor can offer tips and prescribing information so that you are well buying online viagra appalachianmagazine.com informed before you buy this drug. I’m saying, I don’t care how he feels, only how he governs. The same goes for Bill “I fell your pain” Clinton or any other politician who wants to validate anyone’s feelings or relate on some sort of emotional level. I don’t care about what you feel, I care about what you do.

In fact, in the above quote, I think Bush just inarticulately expressed himself. (I know, we’re all shocked.) He elaborated by saying, “I respectfully disagree with Alan Greenspan when it comes to saying that this administration didn’t handle the fiscal issues we faced in good fashion.” Which is a good answer, he just should have left off all that “feelings” talk. Disagreement is one of the things we get do in a democracy. Having disagreements about policy or opinions or even competency is not betrayal. Personal feelings should not effect policy decisions.

Ah, who am I kidding.

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