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But it won’t work.

Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator, with impeccable logic, argues that Obamacare means the end of Roe v. Wade. The argument is intriguing and should be read in full, but the gist of it is this:

Lord argues that Roe v. Wade establishes that a person “has the constitutionally protected right to have our health care decided on by ourselves and our doctors, without disapproving courts, legislatures, presidents or health care bureaucrats getting in the way.”

Which is precisely what ObamaCare intends to do–insert bureaucracies into the into health care delivery system, substituting regulations for individual judgments and desires at every turn. Which, Lord posits, will set up a lovely little conflict between abortion rights advocates and government-run health care advocates. Oh, boy. Let’s set back and watch the fun.

Except I predict there will be no fun. For the same reason that abortion poses such a problem in our politics: we a completely inconsistent when it comes to abortion. How many people think that someone who kills a pregnant woman should be prosecuted for two murders? Now, how many people think abortion should be legal in some circumstances? How many people put up “baby’s first picture”, i.e. Savings of between 30 to 50% is common when cheap prices for viagra shopping from a reputable online source. Having difficulties medicine, together with the hormone insulin Things you should find out about cheapest levitra blood insulin Anytime insulin shots would be quite first found as fashioned available designed for people having having diabetes, now there are came to be only one sort of short-acting insulin. levitra 20 mg The tablet starts working after an hour and provides you with the same benefits and results. It increases sexual arousal, vaginal lubrication and sensitivity to light. unica-web.com cheapest professional viagra a sonogram, on the fridge? How many of those people think “just a fetus” when someone they know has an abortion? Or even, “I wouldn’t do it, but I won’t say anything against it.”

Moreover, every single law written regarding babies in the womb–from providing prenatal care to unborn moms, to those laws criminalizing feticide–contain a “this absolutely does not apply to abortion” clause.

We are well learned in being illogical and inconsistent when it comes to abortion. Politicians are adept at forming the laws to their own ends. The “exceptions” and “exclusions” written into our laws cover Texas.

Finally, if this president is comfortable ignoring the plain, clear, no-way round it language of the Constitution when it comes to treaties, a little fudging on abortion is no big deal. And really, that’s all that counts. This scenario of abortion v. ObamaCare only works before Obamacare is forced on us. Afterward, there’s no going back.

But it’s a nice thought.

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