Explosions & Pies

I’m still without a computer, away from home and wifi, and I was a bit preoccupied with getting ready for the big day. But I borrowed the kid’s computer and the parents’ sluggish wifi, and we’ve got an unbroken chain.

First: we exploded the cranberries. The boys love to help with this dish even if they detest actual cranberry sauce. They’ll grow into it. But until they do, more for me!



And pies!
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There are two more pies in the refrigerator: a French silk and a basic chocolate pie. I used all butter in my crusts this year, so they’re a little … floppy. Butter is delicious but very difficult to work with. I also think glass pie plates with almost vertical sides are the devil.

And… that concludes this portion of our blogging. Enjoy your Thanksgiving prep.

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