Experiential Knowledge

Boys and girls are different. Well, duh. This is a no-brainer. I figured this out as soon as I figured out people came in two types.

I knew boys are different than girls. But now that I have my own boys, I know it in a whole new way.

I have two boys. Two small boys (almost) 3 and 1, and two larger girls, 7 and 5. But the boys came out of the womb different than my girls. Gigglemeister actually came out, via c-section, peeing on the doctor. Hoo-boy, are boys different.

For example, people of the male persuasion tend to like physical comedy more than the girls: the whole Three Stooges phenomenon. This is a fact. I know this fact.

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The Bulldozer has a little bat made of cardboard. He’s taken to whacking himself repeatedly and laughing. Which of course sets off the Gigglemeister. Have you seen this video where Charlie bites his big brother? It cracks the Bulldozer up every time, and he’s seen it more than a half dozen times. “Din, mommy! Charlie!”

Knocking people over, pratfalls, etc., are the stuff of a thousand laughs for my boys. And what do the girls think? Mostly they just shake their heads, smiling, and say, “Silly boys.” They are ever-so-slightly amused.

Girls sure are different than boys.

3 responses to “Experiential Knowledge”

  1. sunniemom Avatar

    You got that right! I have three boys and a girl, and they have very few things in common. I think their love of Calvin and Hobbes is the only thing that binds them.

    My boys get mad because dd won’t play Risk and Stratego, and she gets mad when they won’t play Polly Pockets. They want to watch a YouTube video of a snake eating a hippo, and she wants to watch Rachael Ray for the thousandth time.

    One caveat- she loves sword fighting and knife throwing.

  2. April Avatar

    My girls are twirly, tea-having, fairies. Of course, the Sprite is a dare-devil, but a dare-devil in a dress with matching purse. And of course, they love Mythbusters.

  3. sunniemom Avatar

    It’s funny how stereotypes have that grain of truth about them, but my even though my girly-girl is a delicate little princess, she also loves Mythbusters and Survivorman.

    My dd was born face-down but all 3 of my boys came out sunny-side-up. I don’t recommend it AT ALL. Ouch.

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