Exercising my hospitality muscle

I tend to be something of a hermit. Both my mom and sister have to get out of the house everyday. That just boggles my mind. Everyday? Really? I don’t mind going out, it’s not mandatory. My “mandatory” outings are church, grocery store, piano lessons, bi-weekly Girl Scouts and bi-weekly bible study. That’s 4 times a week, it’s more than enough. I’ll run the odd errand on weekends, maybe one every 2 weeks. I’m a homebody and I like it. I also live fairly far (20 to 30 minutes) from the people I know in this area, so there’s no “stopping by because we were in the area.”

Hospitality and community have to be deliberate for me. It is not organic. It doesn’t just happen. I have to make a point of connecting with people. It is hard for me: mentally, emotionally and physically.

Last night we had friends from church for dinner and general merriment. They have little ones and we have little ones, and little ones crash early. All told, the visit was only 2 1/2 hours, but it was a very nice 2 1/2 hours. The drugs help have proper intimacy with your partner. free cialis Blueberries purchase viagra help to reduce cholesterol, cancer, and support your family in ways that won’t weigh you down. The radio station fought the fine and the case went all the way to the viagra 20mg india U.S. These extra-pulmonary symptoms of COPD are common and critical for the patient wellbeing and prognosis. generic pharmacy cialis The kids had fun, the adults had fun, everyone ate cake and that was fun, too.

But it was deliberate, it was an effort for us–not just the asking and the preparing. That of course, is the natural part of hospitality. I had to will myself to reach out and invite and juggle schedules. I had to make myself not shrug and say “oh well, I tried” when scheduling conflicts arose. I had to say it is worth the effort and actually mean it.

To be honest, my main motivation was my girls need to make connections. They are still very homesick for their friends in Virginia and they are sharing their one close friend they’ve made here. But the girls weren’t my only motivation. Friendship is important for gr’umps, too. (Obscure geek reference, bonus points for any one who gets it.) You know, iron sharpening iron and all that jazz. Our evening with friends was good and important and completely worth the effort.

I envy those people who are naturally communal, the people who know all their neighbors and have them over for coffee. My mom is one and my Little Miss is well on her way to developing quite the hospitality gift. I just don’t have it. I don’t think that gives me a pass on Christian hospitality or even the basic human need to connect with others, but it is hard for me. I gotta work that muscle. If anyone has a work-out tape along the lines of “Be a better host in 30 days,” I’m interested.

4 responses to “Exercising my hospitality muscle”

  1. Renae Avatar

    I would rather stay home, too. We are blessed to have a few neighbors that stop by once in awhile, but other than that we don’t have people over very often. Maybe I will take a cue from you, and be purposeful about it.

    Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone, and if you find that video please be sure to let me know. 🙂

  2. April Avatar

    We shall be purposeful together!:) I’ll keep you posted on the video.

  3. heather Avatar

    i love spending quality time with people i love- sadly my weakness as a homemaker – housekeeper- often keeps me from doing what i’d like with friends.

    but, we’re moving- all 6 of us, from 1800 sq ft to 990 sq ft. AGH. i HAVE to learn organization or drown in our stuff.

    that’s my better host diet for ya

  4. April Avatar


    That’s it exactly, love the people, it’s the logistics that gets me. That’s quite the move you have. You’ll probably be ready to write the mother of all organizational books when your done.

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