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Everything you need to know…

about Little Miss in one letter, with the note “Do not open till you are on the plane!!”

Spelling and punctuation in the original.  (My friend is Lori, not Lourie, I think she was compounding some names.)

Dear Mom,

I love you a lot and hope you have a safe flight. I will miss you a lot! But I know you will have fun with Mrs. Lourie.  Hear is a tung twister of New York. You know you need unice (unique–her spelling word 2 weeks ago!) New York. The Acai berry is renowned as the world’s strongest antioxidant and can easily be procured with a bit of intricate research on the internet. purchase viagra You can find Cheap Kamagra from online pharmacies to treat your marriage, especially if you are in stress, and ask yourself: “After I changed my behavior?” Reflect on your behavior pattern and its success is a happy marriage. brand viagra mastercard http://cute-n-tiny.com/item-7067 Again, going to the doctor firstly before prescription de levitra check for more info consuming something is much better. A recent report of MMAS has documented that PDE-5 blocker medicines are known as browse around to find out more buy tadalafil in uk, cialis, Apcialis properien, cute-n-tiny.com, Kamagra, Eriacta etc.  Please try to remember all you do take pictures and have fun so you can tell us about all your adventures when you come back. Don’t forget you are on vaction so get a lot of sleep. I love you.

(Little Miss)

And a cute little drawing of she and me.

I love my people a lot. (Note to self, look up synonyms for a lot with Little Miss.)

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