Everything ISN’T Awful

By now, most people have heard of the story: A family of was caught in a riptide and 80 people formed a human chain to rescue them. They were all saved.

In a time of crappy and surreal and surreally crappy news, this story is wonderful.

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If someone had lost their grip, they might have been pulled away by the riptide. If someone had decided halfway down the chain that they’d made a mistake and they didn’t want to take the risk, what then?

But 80 people made the split decision to put their lives in the hands of strangers and saved a family. So think of that the next time someone tells you that everything is awful. Even if that someone is me.

4 responses to “Everything ISN’T Awful”

  1. carrie holley-hurt Avatar
    carrie holley-hurt

    Yay for people. Sometimes they are the best!

    1. April Avatar

      Sometimes! (Probably more often than I suspect.)

  2. Mary Holley Avatar
    Mary Holley

    God is doing miracles everyday in the hearts and minds of people. How cool to see such a beautiful example of unselfishness, love and courage.

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