Doctor Who is that guy?

So the new Doctor is Peter Capaldi, which means nothing to me, but hey! He looks capable. Here’s the introduction and a brief interview from the big announcement spectacular.

I re-watched “The Fires of Pompeii” in which he appeared to get a feel for him. Karen Gillan, AKA Amy Pond, also appeared in that episode as not Amy (she’s the first soothsayer you see.) There’s also some hilariously profane rants of his from other shows, and he’s playing Cardinal Richelieu in a BBC adaptation of The Three Musketeers. Like the Doctor, Capaldi’s been around a while.

I like the fact that he’s older, and I love the fact that he’s a long time fan. I think him not being so young and adorable will lead to a different path than we’ve been on with Matt Smith, although I’ve really enjoyed Smith’s tenure.
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But if you’re still not convinced, there’s the eternal circle of Who:

who circle

And if he’s awful, it’s an easy fix to push the reset button. Now we just have to wait til Christmas. Allons-y!

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