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Crowder explains CanadaCare

Remember the scariest words in the English Language: “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

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2 responses to “Crowder explains CanadaCare”

  1. B Avatar

    What irks me is that I am already paying for Social Security and Medicare, which I am basically guaranteed not to recieve when my time comes to retire. On top of that, I am saving for retirement through my workplace's retirement plans, and planning on using my own investments and savings should the retirement plan fall through for any reason. And I'm also paying for health insurance. If I am required to have a government health insurance plan through work, I will be planning on paying for my own health care (when the government plan doesn't provide what I want or need). For some reason it just doesn't seem logical to be paying in all this money when I am likely never going to have access to the benefits in the future. Can I count Social Security and Medicare deductions as donations? Or better yet, couldn't I tag the money I'm putting into the program as designated for my parents? It could sit in a pot and earn interest until they need it. If only Congress would remember that with each new law passed, there are winners and there are also LOSERS. This year it's becoming more apparent that I am on the losing side.

  2. April Avatar

    "I will be planning on paying for my own health care (when the government plan doesn't provide what I want or need)."

    Oh honey, it will be worse than that. It won't be allowed. If it's not on the gov't approved menu, too bad. Also, get in line. However, save your money for a trip to India when you want to go "off plan" (or Mexico or other enterprising country willing to take your health care dollars.)

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