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Christian snow day!

In case you haven’t heard, North Texas has been hit with an enormous ice storm. Last night, freezing fog (FOG?!?!) added another layer to the already thick ice. And all God’s children are staying home. (Seriously, people, unless you absolutely HAVE to go out, stay home.)  I will admit that on Day 3 of the IcePocalypse even this hermit is getting a little cabin fever.

calvin & hobbes snow day

As homeschoolers, bad weather doesn’t cancel school, so this is as close as we get to a snow day. We slept in, had waffles, and let the kids watch some tv. It was weird. But even though this isn’t a typical Sunday, we’re still going to have a time of worship, because the church is people not buildings.

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I also typically go to the grocery store on Sundays, but I’m skipping that today. Even if I did wanted to brave the ice slick, there’s not much to be had after 3 days of limited deliveries. This week may be a little weird when it comes to meals, but we’ll have plenty to eat. And most importantly, we’re good on toilet paper.

What do you do when you can’t get to church? What would you add to our order of service?

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