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“Children are born persons.”

That’s my favorite Charlotte Mason quote because it reminds me that I’m not dealing with a lump of clay that I can do with what a wish but a person, made in the image of God, with his or her own personality and talents and wants and fears. My children are people, and I should treat them with the respect and understanding I would any other person. That may seem obvious, but I think as parents we sometimes get so caught up in raising our children for what they’re going to be that we forget who they are right now.

These are my persons. Kind, interesting, curious, intelligent, wonderful persons.

Children are born persons. In that vein, I came across two very important articles on dealing with these young persons that apply to everyone, not just parents.  If you are a person, I encourage you to read these. (Nonpersons may exit to your left.)

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The second is “Six Words You Should Say Today.”

They are well worth the few minutes it will take to read them and it may just change how you think about the people dearest to you. Have fun with your persons this weekend!

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