Friday is normally our enrichment classes, and, even though our group is on break, we were going to have an extra meeting for our Destination Imagination teams. However, someone stole the copper leading up to our church. Again. So the meeting was canceled. Dear thieves, are you familiar with Krampus? Just saying.

But despite the extra room in the schedule, we’re still all sideways. The girls are have been having a hard time getting back to their work and are spending the day catching up. Satchmo is sick. Nothing tastes good to him, but he’s hungry, so it looks like a short order cook threw a temper-tantrum here. And Bulldozer… well Bulldozer wove a cute little blanket for his stuffed animal on a cardboard loom. That’s actually pretty impressive.

woven blanket

Still, it’s been a hard week for a lot of little reasons and a couple of big ones, and we could all use a little peace. This should help.
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And Magic Cookie Bars. I could definitely use Magic Cookie Bars.


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