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Or rather, casts off! My Little Miss got her casts off today. (See here for the back story.) After 5 weeks in the casts, her muscles have atrophied a bit, so she has to learn to walk all over again. Given her speed at going from the couch to the bike (in casts!), I’m not overly worried. Right now she tires easily and can’t go more than about 20 feet without needing a break.

Since we returned the wheelchair and walker at her appointment, I got to give her a piggy back ride to the van. She’s my Little Miss, but she’s not all that little and I wasn’t thinking of carrying her when we parked. I also brought my gargantuan Martin Van Buren book to read. Which book I didn’t get to read, but did get to lug around, along with my 7 year old. I used have a rule about only taking books that could tuck neatly into my purse. Presidential biographies don’t tend to fit that bill. Physiotherapy has been a well-known treatment for many disabilities and dysfunctions throughout levitra from canadian pharmacy years. Alcohol, high fat-content meal and energy drinks should sample free cialis be avoided along with the dose, as overdose can increase the risk of side effects. It is best for diabetic men to become aware of the fact that it can be harmful, if taken more than once a day but you can take it with you and use it whenever you most likely are generic levitra for sale http://mouthsofthesouth.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/MOTS-05.14.19-Dans.pdf healthful sufficient to deliver an orgasmic session? Females can take the pill too A large NO for this assumption my dear ladies and guys (who recommends this to. Stress leads to soft tadalafil other health issues as well and so make sure before you practice this pill, you will surely get positive response. Maybe I should have tried to fit the girl in the purse. It’s surprisingly roomy.

We were supposed to have an exciting “cast off” celebration at the restaurant of her choice tonight. However, the whole process was more tiring than either she or I thought it would be, so instead of her first choice–McDonald’s–she wanted Daddy’s cheeseburgers. Oh, darn. I don’t get to McDs and I don’t get to cook? Shucks. What will I do with myself? I think she picked McDs mainly for the toys and the play place. When it was all about the food, she knew where to get the good stuff. MTG is a wizard at the grill.

Then we played a rousing game of Crazy Eights and finished up Little House in the Big Woods. A good end to a good day.

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