Call me crazy

“Okay, you’re crazy.”

Anyway, Obama offers Hillary Secretary of State.

Obama meets with McCain next week.

Obama offers McCain . . . During the time of weight-gain, blood vessels buy generic viagra deposit some fatty elements inside that make the male organ bigger and harder. Report frequent vaginal yeast infections to your doctor. canada cialis from The assay can be effective in diagnosing the patients with hyperhomocysteinemia and homocystinuria symptoms. sildenafil cipla At the same time, usage of psychiatric drugs or intrauterine device can also cause heavy menstrual bleeding. find my store get viagra something? Secretary of Defense? Homeland Secretary?

Did he like this book?


Yes, it’s far-fetched and would thoroughly tick off his base. But I think The One is gutsy enough to do it, and make them like it.

4 responses to “Call me crazy”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    actually he does like that book and named it as one of the ones he would want on a deserted island.

    Interesting, no.

  2. April Avatar

    Unless I could take a lot of books (25 or more) I don’t think I’d put a history book on my list. A survival guide, the bible and works of fiction. If I’m in isolation, I’d want to take my own worlds with me, ya know? But it is a great book. I cried when Lincoln was killed. It’s fascinating and beautifully written. Goodwin is somewhere in the area giving a lecture. But I have neither the time nor the cash to go. Oh, well.

  3. Russell Avatar

    I’m watching the last disc of the Ken Burns civil war documentary. Lincoln just died, it makes me sad too. War is horrible.

  4. April Avatar

    I agree, war is horrible. But I’m glad that the Union said no, slavery will not be expanded the union will be preserved. It’s horrible that so many died and were wounded, but I’m glad the evil of slavery was ended with that war.

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