But of course

It has been hideously hot in Texas (and most of the country) the past few weeks. The Facebook page Traces of Texas posted this accurate photo:


Well, it’s accurate, except it hasn’t been partly cloudy. Up until today, it’s been blindingly bright. But today, we have lots of cloud cover. Today is also the first night of the peak Perseid Meteor Shower viewing window. Because of course it is.
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But fret not, North Texans! The best time to watch for meteors will be Thursday morning between midnight and dawn, which will be clear and cooler than it has been. This is a great year for watching the Perseids because there is no moon. Experts say there will be 50 to 100 meteors an hour at the peak. The great thing about meteor showers is you don’t need a telescope or other special equipment, you just point your eyes upward. Grab a blanket and check it out.

For more viewing tips, check out Earth and Sky.

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