Bittersweet Christmas

We had a crazy, crowded, complicated festive Christmas, which is actually a post for another day. This was the first Christmas in 5 years that we’ve spent with my family. We were all there–both my brother and sister and their families. (Actually, my sister got married Christmas Eve. Congratulations, guys!)

We spent Christmas Eve at my maternal grandparents. My grandma made her world famous dressing and my Grandpa dressed up as Santa to hand out presents. The Bulldozer was fascinated by Santa and would have followed him around all night if he could. It was reminiscent of all the Christmases of my childhood. Of course, the Sprite was sick, and the overloaded house was bursting at the seams, and the kids chases the poor elderly dog until she lashed out and snipped at the Bulldozer. (Totally not the dogs fault. I’d have bit someone, too, if I had been chased in circles nonstop. And she didn’t even leave a mark, just freaked the boy out.) But despite all the chaos, it felt like my childhood. Maybe because of all the chaos.

My grandpa has been dressing up in the same Santa costume for as long as I can remember. He also puts out a special Christmas letter/list every year. When I was young, it could be a multi-page catalog of all sorts of gift ideas, from boats to cars, with a picture of a new vacuum for my grandma. There were poems and jokes and quizzes and riddles. The past few years, they’ve been more Christ-centered, shorter, simpler and sweeter. Kamagra is grouping oftwo words,Kama and generic levitra 20mg Agra. This technique of treatment is also called telepathy ensures that you will not have to travel very far. uk cialis sales It can be used on line levitra to fight malaria, diabetes, bacteria, and it can serve as a natural aphrodisiac. And then comes the question on its side-effects, there is still generic viagra no evidence of side-effect with this weed nor does this weed has any potential danger as far as drug interaction is concerned. His Christmas letter is one of the high points of the Christmas season.

Grandpa has been sick for a couple of months. Friday, he had an MRI. They found tumors in his brain and his chest. The initial response from the doctors was not one of hope.

My grandparents have played a huge role in my life. They have been there for every major event of my life, and most of the minor events. Of course, they will always be there. Of course, my children will have the same experiences and joys of knowing these wonderful people. Of course.

I don’t know what the future hold for my grandfather. I don’t know how long we have with him. I am thankful we are here in Texas and not 2000 miles away. I am thankful that we had this Christmas and whatever time we have left. I am reminded that we do not grieve as those who have no hope.

I hope for successful treatment. I hope for a miracle. I hope for many more years with my grandpa. But even if those earthly, fleeting hopes are not realized, my hope and my faith rest in Jesus and His promises. I hope that my grandfather and I will have eternity–not weeks, or months or years– but eternity together in the presence of our Lord and God.

2 responses to “Bittersweet Christmas”

  1. Renae Avatar

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. The memories are a treasure that can never be replaced. May there be many more special moments in 2008.

  2. April Avatar

    Thank you Renae. I just got the Grandparent’s Legacy Journal, which I intend to help the kids fill out with my grandparents. We had already planned that, but it makes it that much more poignant.

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