Beware the links of March

Fifteen days into my “blog every day in March” challenge, I have hit a wall. So I’ll do what all good bloggers do: link-fest!

(Don’t judge. MTG is out of town for the week and Tuesdays are hard with therapy and people being all people-like.)


I haven’t linked to the Carnival of Homeschooling in a while, but one of my favorite on-line people–one I’ve actually met in real life!–is hosting. Renae at Life Nurturing Education posts the Wish-List Edition and does a beautiful job as always.  Seriously, her blog is beautiful and makes me happy just looking at it.  There are lots of good, useful, and entertaining posts, but this one made my heart happy. One of my favorite thing about homeschooling families is the wonderful sibling relationships.
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Now I’m going to go meta on the linkage and link to Jimmie Bise’s post of political links.  Why duplicate what has already been done very well?  Also, you should check out The Delivery. It’s a fun hour long podcast, 30 minutes political, 30 minutes pop culture.  Good times.

Obviously, there’s lots of news going on, newsy like.  Probably, the most pressing is the situation in Japan, a frightening and horrific situation made even more frightening and horrific by the situation with the nuclear reactors.  I’ll say what I said a couple of days ago: pray and give and pray some more.

Finally, on a lighter note, from xkcd.  I’ll feel bad about it later.  Via Matt at Old Line Elephant. (You should check out that blog, especially if you’re interested in Maryland politics.)

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  1. christinethecurious Avatar

    Thank you for the link!

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