Arg! It be political!

Avast, me hearties, it be “Talk like a Pirate Day!” Shannon at Rock in My Dryer is not talkin’ like a pirate, but she is talkin’ like a southern girl . . . about politics. On it was the exact picture djpaulkom.tv viagra super store of the mansion he now called home. Available in various strengths of dosages, dig this viagra purchase canada Kamagra tablets help a man have and maintain an erection. cialis online order It’s unlikely that anyone would consider a string of e-mails, no matter how well crafted, to be a relationship. All these ingredients are blended in right combination and processed in the decoction of Musli Sya, Gokhru, Bala and purchase generic viagra Ashwagandha. Specifically, about civil political discourse. This is my favorite:

3. Name calling is completely, always inappropriate. But if you really feel you must throw around words such as “socialist” and “radical right-wing nut-job”, it would soften things a bit if you would insert a “bless his heart” at the end of sentence.

Southern political discourse is probably better than pirate political discourse which would probably be bloodier.

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