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Apropos: A-P-R-O-P-O-S

The young man who won the spelling bee won with guerdon: a reward, recompense, or requital. He certainly earned it. It was very exciting. And hilarious.

This is the winner Sameer Mishra, in an earlier and soon to infamous, moment.

Little Miss kept asking why everyone was laughing. Well, uh, he mispronounced it. That’s all. Nothing to see, move along. I’ve got to get a drink of water. From the hose in the backyard.

There was one homeschooler, Tia Thomas, who made the final round made it all the way to the championship round. She was great and I was mostly rooting for her. I felt bad for her, because you could tell that she knew the word after the word that fouled her up. AUGH.

All the finalists were wonderful and I wish they all could have won. Wait a minute, no I don’t. People are buying erectile dysfunction medication through online pharmacies and never have to worry about having therapy and talking it through with a stranger. cheap levitra Out of these 300 people, two men were selected give treatment with effective Sildenafil usa cialis citrate especially manufactured to cure ED. However, this doesn’t result from masturbation levitra uk but from psychology. After having a good research we have come up with an excellent formulation of discount levitra . levitra is the only treatment for ED Fact: Although discount levitra is an effective means of combating dysfunction in men, which makes man to obtain a tough erection turning penis flexible for sexual act that has delayed because of blood defeciency that run towards the penis. What a dull contest that would that be. I was really rooting for Jahnavi Iyer. (I know, I’m a traitor to the homeschool race! Gasp!) She had a very wry sense of humor and her favorite movie is What about Bob? I love that movie! She’s also a cellist. I was a cellist when I was a youngster. Now I’m merely an owner of a cello that never gets played. There was a moment when a judge reinded her of her time limits by saying something like, “Jahnavi, do you see the clock.” She said, “It’s a very pretty clock.” She got that word right. Anyway, I was bummed when she got taken out by parfleche.

After she was out in round ten, I was totally in Tia’s camp. She was very good and the video of her and her brothers was cute. But the kid who won, Sameer Mishra, he was great too. And he certainly gave us a Spelling Bee moment to remember.

UPDATE: For all you googlers out there, Sameer Mishra is not a homeschooler. According to the bio on the Spelling Bee page, he’s “13-year-old eighth grader at West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School.” He’s from West Layfayette, IN. That is all.

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