April invades New York, part 2

Lori and I spent 29 hours in New York City, and we shoved about as much into those 29 hours as people can without going crazy.  We also caught up after 5 years of not seeing each other.  It was a very good 29 hours. 
Day one from arriving at Grand Central Station (noonish) to hitting the sack (1:30 am ish) was a blast.  We stayed in and around the Times Square District, expect for our jaunt to South Street Seaport.  This morning we went to Times Square Church.  Yes, there is a mega-church in Times Square.  We sat in an overflow room.  It was awesome.

Brooklyn Bridge is actually behind  us. Unfortunately, so is a window.

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After breakfast, we checkout of the hotel, stored our bags and asked the concierge about good pizza.  “As a New Yorker, I like” are generally words that you should heed if you hail from Texas. So we passed on the sit-down restaurant and hit the corner dive “Two Brothers.”

A slice, two slices, who’s counting? (Me. It was two.)

In my 29 hours in New York, Lori wanted me to experience the quintessential NYC experiences. Like the Broadway show.  So, of course, we went skating in Rockefeller Center.  As we are wobbling around the ice, I told Lori, “I can promise you two things: Before we’re done, I will get better and I will fall.”  I was right on both counts. Not only did I fall down, I took her with me.  I also was the unofficial photographer of the ice rink.  I figured so many people had taken pictures of Lori and I that I should pass on the favor.  Although, I’m not sure how smart people were to give the wobbly girl their cameras.

If you’re not moving, people can’t tell you don’t know what you’re doing.

After skating, we shopped our way back to the hotel to pick up the bags.  I’m proud to say that other than the subway we took to South Street Seaport, we walked everywhere (or sprinted in the case of the theater, making it 2 minutes before curtain.)  Which is a good thing since I fairly gorged on bread.  Walking into Grand Central Station, I saw a bakery and had to look away. Don’t worry, I’m sure it will pass in a day or two.

It was only at the train station that we realized we were utterly exhausted.  Barely able to move, we did what anyone similar tired does on the train ride home: we discussed various tax systems and the positives and negatives of each.  I have really missed Lori.

I may post more pictures later, but for now let me say: I love New York.

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