And so it begins

Tomorrow is the day we go gluten free/casein free. I’ve been organizing, writing lists, freaking out, looking up recipes, googling canola oil, freaking out and generally trying to get ready all week. This is more stressful than moving across country with 4 kids (including a 2 month old) and 2 cats (including one that escaped in Alabama.) I’m probably repressing the stress that was that move, but I keep feeling like I’m having an anxiety attack. Not good.

Today I went to the store and got my lovely new flours, oils and other expensive stuff. I actually went to two stores, Sprouts and Whole Foods. Sprouts is much cheaper, but a smaller selection. I gotta say, I spent twice what I normally spend for a weeks worth of groceries with far, far less volume. However some of it (Xantham Gum–ouch!) will last awhile. Still, it made my frugal heart flutter.

Tonight, I empty the house of all gluten (except for some things I’ll use at our Epiphany party next week. Yeah, I’m not going to gluten free our guests.) I’ll also make my bread dough.

Ah, my bread. I recently found the beautiful, wonderful,amazing Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. And then we went gluten free. effects of cialis However, the thing is, a considerable measure relies on upon the sort of infection you are experiencing. You will have to keep numerous things in mind before having cost viagra cialis purchased here. cialis is said to be the main cause of erectile dysfunction in the majority of the cases. Also only cialis pills canada one pill has to be taken in deciding upon the dosage of Kamagra and its usage. The application is quite simple where you just need to put some oil on your palm and apply the same over the affected veins and muscles to improve the capacity order levitra to hold longer. Sob! But my beautiful, wonderful, amazing sister-in-law gave me Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day and it has a gluten free section. Joy!

So I’m making two of those breads this week: the Gluten-Free Crusty Boule and Gluten-Free Olive Oil bread. I’ll make sandwich bread, pizza crust and buns out of these two doughs and see what happens. (Incidentally, if you can eat wheat, I highly recommend the original and whole wheat sandwich bread recipes. They are tres good.)

Our occupational therapist lent me The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook and it has lots of great recipes and ideas.(Hereafter referred to as KFC, because it makes me giggle.) I’m also adapting some family favorites and reducing and substituting sugar with stevia or honey, because we need to greatly reduce the Bulldozer’s sugar. (The nutritionist would like us to eliminate all sugar. I just can’t see that happening. But I’m making every cut I can and I am getting rid of all the candy in the house.)

So, the nutritionist wants Bulldozer on a 4 day cycle, 1 protein/1 grain, to see if any other foods may cause reactions. This makes menu planning a bit tricky, but I have a handy-dandy chart! (Unfortunately, the chart didn’t come through from my word processor to blogger, but imagine it’s in a beautiful table and not just a boring old list.)

Cycle 1/Day 1 Beef & Corn: Dinner Monday: Stew & cornbread; Breakfast Tuesday: Zucchini Muffins; Lunch Tuesday: beef roll-ups in corn tortillas & apples

Cycle 1/Day 2 Chicken/eggs & oatmeal: Tuesday Dinner: chicken nuggets, veggie shapes & hummus, roasted potatoes; Breakfast Wednesday: Veggie Eggs from KFC, oat muffins, fruit; Lunch Wednesday: left-over nuggets

Cycle 1/Day 3 Pork and Rice: Dinner Wednesday: Pizza made from Olive Oil bread, cf mozzarella “cheese” & Italian Sausage & veggies blended into the sauce; Breakfast Thursday: Pancakes & bacon, Lunch Thursday: leftover pizza

Cycle 1/Day 4 Turkey/veggies & millet: Dinner Thursday: Sloppy John Joe Burgers with ground turkey (buns out of boule) & mashed potato and cauliflower; Breakfast Friday: Fruit Smoothie, Lunch Friday: Sloppy Joes and roasted potatoes

Cycle 2/Day 1 Beef & Corn: Dinner Friday: beef tacos & refried beans; Breakfast Saturday: chocolate chip pancakes (GFCF) & sausage (our family tradition); Lunch Saturday: beef tamales

Cycle 2/Day 2 Chicken/eggs & oatmeal: Dinner Saturday: chicken pot pie; Breakfast Sunday: baked oatmeal with fruit; Lunch Sunday: chicken sandwiches

Cycle 2/Day 3 Pork and Rice: Dinner Sunday: ham, rice with green beans and spinach; Breakfast Monday: Waffles with fruit; Lunch Monday: ham sandwiches

Cycle 2/Day 4 Turkey/veggies & millet: Dinner Monday: Veggie chili & millet couscous; Breakfast Tuesday: zucchini muffins; Lunch Tuesday: turkey sandwiches

So that’s the first eight days. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Assuming I survive.

2 responses to “And so it begins”

  1. Switch2GlutenFree Avatar

    April: Your meal plan looks good! I'll have to admit I don't know much about casein free, but I do know gluten free. I am also frugal, so I always preach about keeping it simple. Start simple(and cheap) with basic foods, then expand from there as you grow more confident.
    Good luck and keep us updated!

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks! I am amazed at the resources available online. I don't know how people did this without bing or google.

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