An eventful few days

Thursday morning my 7 year-old daughter had surgery to lengthen the tendons in both ankles. Needless to say, we’ve been a little distracted of late. She is (was) an idiopathic toe-walker and her tendons shortened over time. So Thursday, she had her tendons cut and her feet casted to about a 10 degree past flat angle (from about 15 to 20 degrees less than flat.) Ouch.

She’s been a brave little trouper and I’m very proud of her. We’re still at the beginning of this process, we’re learning a new routine, to be careful of sister’s casts (I’m talking to you, bulldozer!) and to be entertained without (too much) television. Prime responsibilities of nephrologists They prescribe diagnostic tests depending on the buy viagra click these guys condition of the patient. Thus, in this way kamagra provides erection and it just cannot completely replace oral medicines like viagra buying online over here and Kamagra cannot be the same product and if you are a regular consumer, your monthly expense must go beyond your budget. When the baby prices viagra grows older, physical stresses like sitting all day in school, carrying heavy school bags or playing in the playground can cause spinal problems. It is observed that low viagra online no rx testosterone might’ reach out to problems beyond your sexual health. Okay, we need more work on that last one. By God’s grace, we’ll find our new rhythm and a new routine. I’m not going to get too comfortable, though. I’m sure the song will be changing soon.

3 responses to “An eventful few days”

  1. renae Avatar

    I will be praying for you and your dear one as she recovers. May the grace and peace of God carry you.

  2. Vaughanville Michele Avatar
    Vaughanville Michele

    Poor baby. Praying that she’ll recover quickly.

  3. April Avatar

    Thank you for your prayers. She’s already mostly pain free. Now for walking!

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