An appeal to my fellow introverts


Nothing. I mean everything. I mean, given the right medium, introverts won’t shut up. Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A. (That’s a link to Buzzfeed, so if you have moral qualms with click-baity content thieves, you’ve been warned.)

We have memes:

introvert turtle

And cartoons to explain us.

introvert cartoon

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If you’ve ever wanted to understand an introvert, you’ve got all the tools you need!

But let’s be honest, most extroverts don’t really want to understand introverts. I mean, was there really a huge cry, “Please help us understand you, introverts!”? No, there was not. So why the intro-splaining?

Well, as all these tests and memes and cartoons and articles explain, introverts aren’t shy. It isn’t that they don’t have opinions or want those opinions heard. It’s just that the “people” aspect of sharing those opinions with other people can be overwhelming or irritating or otherwise not their (our) cup of tea. Communicating with the (decidedly non-people) internet, however, is another story.

Now that we’ve found our platform, we’re as expressive and vocal as the extrovertiest extrovert ever. But oddly, a lot of that expression is devoted to the topic of being an introvert. I understand some of that impulse. We’ve found our tribe and we can say, “You, too!” without actually having to, ya know, interact with actual people. It’s the best way to be friends, ever.

(Side note: the great thing about social media as an introverts is that you can get to know people without that face to face thing, then when you do finally meet, it’s awesome, not awkward. Usually.)

So the internet is a great and wonderful tool for introverts to express themselves, and we’re doing that really well. But perhaps we can move on to new topics now? The internet is forever, so we can always point back the uninitiated back to our favorite meme, but really the topic of introversion has been well covered. How about we use our new-found voices for some of the other fascinating things going on in our introverted noggins? What do you say?

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